Ultimate review on Wordpress VS Joomla

 September 16th, 2008

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So you’re deciding between Wordpress VS Joomla and are not sure which CMS is right for you? Are you new to the world of Blogs and Content Management systems? Does it all sound a bit daunting and confusing? Then checkout this review by Rudolf Boogerman to help you decide which CMS suits your needs best. Rudolf has done a fantastic job of explaining in very simple and easy to use language (for the non technical users) what the strengths and merits of each system are. There is also a counter argument, or disadvantage of both Joomla and Wordpress, so its a pretty balanced review. If there’s only one article you are going to read before you pick your cms, then this is it!

Personally, since both systems are easy to get up and running very quickly, i would recommend trying both out for yourself to see which one you are most comfortable using. Look out for a comment from Joomla’s core team member Wilco Jansen!

Link to the review on miracletutorials.com

Official Sites:

  • Joomla.org (for downloads, documentation, and everything else)
  • Wordpress.org (for downloads, documentation, and everything else)


Both of these systems have an excellent community of helpful volunteers and competent developers that have made these two of the most exceptional and most widely used pieces of community driven software web software.


  • Joomla has a demo of latest v1.5 available on their demo website.
  • Register on wordpress.com and try out wordpress for yourself, or see the opensourcecms section below for a demo of wordpress.

Another handy site for the undecided webmaster-to-be would be Open Source CMS – which provides a short roundup of commonly available Open Source content management systems avaialble as well as a functional working demo of each – so you can experience each system before you invest your time and energy into choosing the right one for your website or blog.

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  1. Software Reviews

    I am using joomla for my website. I must say joomla is the best content management system. Wordpress is not also bad. But joomla is better in terms of use and options. I go with joomla.

  2. mozami

    Thanks for your input! Joomla is currently the best in terms of available options and ease of use for a cms type of website in my opinion too. Nice website :)

  3. Lucky

    Keep up the good work! :)

  4. srinivasweb4u

    Thanks a lot for this post

  5. Faya

    There is no magic skill.

  6. Joo

    Nice info, let share your info here

    info bagus, bagikan info kamu disini

    terima kasih


  7. malayco

    emm your this post is really helpful. some of my friend said the similar words to me some other day. I think I will think it over and get back to you. Excellent point!

  8. a?k büyüsü

    emm your this post is really helpful. some of my friend said the similar words to me some other day. I think I will think it over and get back to you. Excellent point!

  9. Product Quality Reviews Guy

    Good post. I’ve historically been a WP guy, but I’ll have to explore Joomla a bit more moving forward – thanks.

  10. Book Reviews

    I am amazed by your review! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  11. RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  12. guabegree

    Nice article=D Will visit once more:)

  13. Steve Ritter

    3cIRSm what gives you that idea?,

  14. David St.Vgine

    Thanks I?ll give that a go!,

  15. Christi Socks

    Thanks this design is very good..,

  16. Shari Muller

    Hi can someone please translate for me thanx,

  17. medyum

    Good post. I’ve historically been a WP guy, but I’ll have to explore Joomla a bit more moving forward – thanks.

  18. Joomla Experts

    you guys rock!

  19. RoTimi Waddy

    After reading this article and the comments posted on here, I am really interested in looking into Joomla a little more for my CMS needs. It appears to be better than Wordpress overall in this regard. I have WP installed on all of my sites currently but am constantly running into issues with trying to get the most basic of basic stuff like images, video, etc to post correctly. I also just discovered a Joomla plugin called: Super Blog which cost about 10 usd. I think I’ll consider that option now. Thanks again for this article.

    If any body can offer me any suggestions on how to jazz up my site from how it currently looks, please post some comments, either here on my site. I would appreciate the feedback. http://www.thereviewhub.com.

    Thanks again in advance for these suggestions here,

    RoTimi Waddy

  20. mozami

    Hi RoTimi,

    Your site looks interesting – but i think that you may be better off using joomla – especially since there are dedicated review components/plugins built for joomla. It may be worthwhile looking into these.

  21. RoTimi Waddy

    Thank you so much for your suggestion my friend! I will definitely look into Joomla now with your suggestion. I’m just afraid of all of the content, template already purchase stuff that I will have to sort through by switching this site over to Joomla.

    However, your an expert and I really appreciate your input and suggestions. I’ll post a followup soon.

    I think my situation may help others who are also thinking about either making the switch over to Joomla from WP or vice versa :)

    Thanks again.


    RoTimi Waddy

  22. betaclick

    In my oppinion, wordpress is the best here, the most used with a lot of plugins, themes, features..I love it!

  23. lembah

    I like wordpress because it’s easy and SEO friendly

  24. Freelance Web Designer

    I like to use WP for blogging and Drupal for complex website.

  25. Jango

    Thanks a lot for this article. I am using Joomla! for my site and am pretty impressed with its feature set. Still deciding if I should use Wordpress for my next project!


  26. tercüme bürolar?

    wordpress is better and easy

  27. tercüme bürosu

    wordpress is better


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