Blackberry Bold 9000 Icon for Mac OS X

 April 26th, 2009

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Blackberry Bold Icon for Mac OSX

This little tip is for those souls out there adventurous enough to use the Blackberry Bold / Mac OS X combo. If you that use a Blackberry on Max OS X with “Disk mode” or “Mass storage” enabled, you are able to read and write files to your Blackberry’s SD card from your desktop or the finder. However, the drive icon that shows up in the finder when your mobile device is plugged into the Mac is the boring generic drive icon. This is all well and good, but here’s a little tip that shows you how to modify the generic drive icon for your Blackberry to a more suitable one.

First off, I hear some people ask why bother changing the icon? Well, here are a couple of reasons that prompted me to do so:

  1. There has been a rare occasion where I may have mistook the generic drive icon used when my Bold was plugged in for another one of my drives and accidentally deleted or moved files to this folder.
  2. Having a specific icon for your phone when its plugged into your mac also shows you whether the device has been mounted or not with one quick glance and without reading the names for each of your mounted drives – this is useful if you tend to have lots of drives that you work with.
  3. It just looks so much better!

Here’s a little tip to allow you to customize the icon such that it displays a more appropriate icon.

How to customize the Blackberry Bold 9000 icon for Mac OS X:

  1. Plug your Blackberry Bold 9000 into your Mac’s USB port and enable “Mass Storage” or “Disk Mode” – it should now show up on your desktop and in the finder.
  2. Download Blackberry Bold Icon for Mac OS X (3481) and extract the archive on your SD Card of your Bold (the icon itself is invisible so unless you may not see it in the finder).
  3. Done! You may need to Eject the drive and re-insert it back into your Mac to see the new icon in effect.

Alternate Method:

If the above fails to work for you, here’s another way of achieving the same result.

Step 1: Get the Icon file: Blackberry Bold Icon for Mac OS X (original) (2650)

Step 2: Copy the icon to the clipboard

  1. Click on this file from the Finder
  2. Choose ‘Get Info’ from the ‘File’ menu.
  3. In the info window that pops up, click on the icon
  4. Choose ‘Copy’ from the ‘Edit’ menu.
  5. Close the info window

Step 3: Paste the icon to the desired item

  1. Go to the item in the Finder that you want a custom icon
  2. Click the item (file, folder, disk, etc)
  3. Choose ‘Get Info’ from the ‘File’ menu.
  4. In the info window that pops up, click on the icon
  5. Choose ‘Paste’ from the ‘Edit’ menu.
  6. Close the info window

Credit for the original Image goes out to hackerinflight.

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  1. [...] disks. Its quite straight forward and i thought id share it. You can download the icon from my blog and the instructions on how to set it up are there [...]

  2. Rob

    This is a great tip!

    For our professional ringtone product we get asked all the time how to go about accessing this drive. Its often confusing to the users, but this would be a nice tip to add in to help them.


  3. kdp

    this doesn’t even work at all? the file linked is for an empty folder named volumeiconicns… how is that supposed to make a bold icon?

  4. mozami

    Hi Kdp,

    It works quite well – all you need to do is extract the archive onto the memory card of your Bold. If that fails, you can try the alternate method mentioned above as well (click on file –> Get Info –> Copy the icon, Paste it into the Info icon). Both seem to do the job perfectly.

  5. kdp

    what archive? i’ve dragged the volumeicn file that downloads from your site and put it on the media card, your second method is impossible seeing as how you say the file is invisible yet you expect someone to right click it and get info? how can i click an invisible file?

  6. mozami

    Hi kdp, I see the problem you may be having. For some reason, the file you download is called download.php. Rename this to and move it onto your blackberry device. Thereafter just click to extract (you wont see the extracted file with finder). Ive just tested this and it seems to work just fine. You will need to eject and reconnect your device for the icon to refresh.

    The file that you download from this website is the icon archive. Place it onto your bold drive and double click it in finder to extract.

  7. BlackBerry Bold 9000

    BlackBerry Bold 9000 will support 3G networks worldwide, as well as Wi-Fi and GPS. Will it be able to withstand a 3G iPhone challenge?

  8. BlackBerryBold9000

    No doubt, it’s bold, it’s beautiful (whoever though we’d get to say that about a Blackberry?) and it’s laden with features like a high res display, fast CPU, GPS, WiFi, excellent keyboard and the usual BlackBerry push email goodness.

  9. Andreas

    I have some problems too, the invisible file will not work, i have two folders and non of them work.
    I also tried the second way, and the icon change, but into a “txt document”-icon.
    Think this could be solved by having a file with logo, but were could i get that?

    Best regards Andreas

  10. mozami

    Could you explain the problem you’re having Andreas?

  11. Andreas

    It is actually not a problem any more, but the two ways you have explained did not work for me on snow leopard. but i downloaded the original picture and copied it in Photoshop and copied it directly in as a icon.

    Thank you for dragging the attention of this lovely icon, by the way other icon files work fine for me.

  12. mozami

    Well, that’s OK then. I may update the post above to link the original image. I’ve not yet upgraded to snow-leopard as yet so I cannot comment on that. Thanks for sharing your experience though, Andreas.


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