CSSEdit Tip: Add your own autocomplete items

 April 18th, 2009

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QuickTip for CSS Edit: Custom Autocomplete Items

This is little tip for web developers out there. If you use CSSEdit – the css editor from MacRabbit, then you are sure to appreciate this little gem.

Did you know what you can edit the auto-complete list of suggestions that pops up when you coding away your CSS files? Well it turns out that you can do just that by tweaking the application’s AutoCompletion.plist file found under the Resources folder. Always be sure to make a backup first in case things dont go as planned!

View the full article over at the Aloe Studios Blog.

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  1. Ivan

    Hello, where can I find the resources folder? I’m a bit of a mac noob…Thank you!

  2. mozami

    Hi Ivan,

    The Resources folder can be found by right clicking (or hold down the CTRL button and click) on the CSSEdit application and clicking “Show package contents”. Browse through the “Contents” folder and you will see the Resources folder.

  3. Goedkope Boer

    CSSedit works even better in combination with X-Ray web page inspection…


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